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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well our birth certificates do have serial numbers, making them some sort of bonds, own by our respective countries, which are listed on the markets as corporations. Each bond has a "quote" which reflects your value to the company. How much you are worth (education and revenue) and how much debt you can carry and more importantly can repay (credit score).

If you uneducated, cant hold a job and have a mountain of debt, youre a bad investment, forget loans and mortgages, theres no money to be made OFF you. If your educated with a great job, and pay your credit cards minimums on time, you have placements and all sort of valuable shit, then youre a gold mine and they love. They will loan you anything you want, cause your stupid enough to let them charge you interest for lending you "your" own money.

How do you people think the banking system really works?

You are nothing but a banking note. Some are pennies, others are hundred dollar bills. All they care is how much they can make out of you. And our respective companies, err i mean countries, only care how much you can contribute and add value to the whole. If you're sucking value out of the company, they dont like you so much and they'll do anything to push you away, in a dark corner, so you bother anyone anymore. But if you rise out of the darkness and make something of yourself, they'll take you back.
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