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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Sovereign Citizens" is a term that applies to *ALL* Americans. However, your government is lying to you. YOU are a sovereign citizen. The ones they seek to discredit and destroy are the ones who know what it means. Here is what it means:

There is "The Law", known as common law or Constitutional Law. Then, there is everthing else. Its fake law. It looks like law but its not law. Its "Color of Law". You have to obey it because you signed something or you just think you have to obey it.

The government doesn't like people that know they don't have to follow fake law or color of law. THESE are called "sovereign citizens".

We are the ones that keep the government in check. They hate us because we know the government is not REALLY our government but nothing but a hull of what it should be.

They'll demonize us as much as they can, but, in the end, they run out of money. We win, regardless of what they do. They are empty. They are lies.

The truth doesn't require your belief. Neither do "Soveregn Citizens".

Statutes, codes, ordinanced, etc, are rules created by men by concent of those who wish to obey them and then you have been coerced into believing you have to obey them too. Its quite the scam game and they've perfected it since The Act of 1871.

"I am free regardless of what rules surround me."

Dear government, your immoral arguments are being exposed.

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