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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
Post Content
"Look her up. She published a book against big pharma "Mafia médicale" and is known for her fiscal resilience. She closed her bank accounts, her credit card, canceled her government medicare (trust me, just that is a HUGE move), she stopped paying her taxes. Went to prison for it cause she refuse a deal for parole cause it was made in her civil name, which is owned by the federal government, which she renounced.

Today shes free, really free. And they hate her for that.

Suck it Shill.

You're making quite a few claims that you haven't backed up with evidence.

You seem to be claiming that she no longer has to pay taxes nor is subject to the laws of Canada.

Prove it. Simply 'saying' it must be so doesn't change a thing any more than saying 'I can fly' will render you airborne if your flap your arms.

And she can make up any pseudo-legal reasoning she wants for refusing to sign the parole documents. The judge didn't accept her reasoning as valid, nor release her because she imagined that 'renouncing her name' somehow made her immune from the law.

He took her word that she was who she said she was.

And of course, she did time in prison....explicitly contradicting your claim that the name nonsense made her immune from the law.

Sorry, buddy....but your claims once again hit the windshield of reason and a stunning lack of evidence.
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