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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
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"'heir system is all about convolution and the IMPLIED (their implied) definitions of words and the hidden meanings behind those words.'"

Implied according to who? Hate to break this to you..but you don't get to decide what the law is 'supposed' to mean. Nor do you get to 'imply' whatever meaning you wish to the wording of the law.

This is the great disconnect with the sovereign citizens and the reason for their near perfect record of failure. They *genuinely* believe that the law means whatever they imagine it does. And that the courts and the government are somehow bound or limited by whatever pseudo-legal gibberish they invent.

Um, no. They aren't. The gibberish is irrelevant. The law doesn't change just because you imagine it does. Nor do you get to decide what the law is supposed to mean.

That's what the legislature and judiciary are for. They're authoritative. You by yourself, aren't.

You can't get around that.
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