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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Forgot to log in,,,

Remember this statement,,,
"Words are the law,,,and the law is words.

Their system is all about convolution and the IMPLIED (their implied) definitions of words and the hidden meanings behind those words.

Don't believe me?

Get a BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY,, and see for yourself.

IMPLIED CONSENT,,, = when you do NOT answer,,

This is a VERY deep rabbit hole indeed,,, but there IS light at the bottom.

 Quoting: Hitndahedfred

Silence is acceptance of offer. That is exactly why they inform you of your "right to remain silent" it gives them open consent.

I control the record and only the record matters, I do not have a "legal name" and there is no law (or statute) that requires me to have one, nor do I accept any name they try to TITLE me with, John DOE, Mister, Sir, Sovereign, US Citizen, YOU, defendant.

Since I do not have a legal name, I am incapable of complying with their rules for ID, licenses, permission slips, numbers, Date of BIRTHING on their ship, slave status.

Without positive ID and consent or a living victim of injury to body or property, their case cannot float.

Done it so many times its not even fun any more.
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