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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Actually the term "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoran. You cannot be sovereign and a citizen at the same time, they are two different classes of voluntary status. Acting as a sovereign you retain the protection of the constitution while acting as a U.S. citizen you are subject to statutory law. You cannot be sovereign while still using state issued identification of any kind, this includes business licenses, driver licenses, a social security number etc... All state issued identification needs to be cancelled and rebutted within the government record for you to have actual evidence supporting your claim of sovereignty. Check out sedm.org for further information, it is the only source that I find trustworthy and will answer every question you may have, all others are missing important pieces of the puzzle.
 Quoting: Learn and be free 9709575

Iím going to take a look at the site you mentioned in a moment and it may answer these questions but here goes.

I wasnít aware that you could cancel your social security card. Iíve always thought that unless you were in witness protection or something of that sort that it was your permanent identifier.

What I canít seem to comprehend is how a person could survive in this day and age without all of the things you listed. Would you just find work that was ďunder the tableĒ so that you could feed your family? Would you continue to drive an unregistered vehicle with no license knowing you would be arrested if pulled over? I donít think it likely that a police officer or a judge is going to say ď Oh, okay youíre a Sovereign citizens you can just go free now.Ē Rather you agree with the judge or not you are still going to spend time in jail witch by the way will cause you to be issued a new state identifier with the DOC.

I understand why some people would want to take this path. In theory it seems a lot more American that the America that we live in. But like the laws or not, this is where we have to survive.

Iím not trying to belittle or ridicule any ones stance on this issue Iím just trying to better understand how this could be done.

In theory I find that this idea compelling but in practice it seems nearly impossible.hf
 Quoting: Zuzu

You cannot under-stand it because it is nearly impossible (I know because I did it for many years).

You need to learn to control your contract endorsements, just like any major business owner does. You need to learn some law.

Thread: Pay No Taxes legally -End the FED -synopsis page 8-Why are waiting for someone to do it for us like Ron paul

Start there and you will get the education you seek, if you really want it.

Always follow the money.
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