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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"And if you read what i wrote correctly-i did not say its as simple as declaring yourself anything in court.Its about using the correct syntax and not being tricked into purgering because of not understanding noth syntax and maritime law."

Nope. The entire basis of your argument is nonsense. There is no super secret status that has to be articulated in *just* the right way that magically makes you immune to all law. Its not syntax. Its that your argument is a baseless fallacy.

There's no requirement that the courts must first 'trick you' before they can exert authority. You made that up. They have authority based on geography. If you're in Maryland, the laws of Maryland apply to you. There is no 'paper person' involved. Its just you.

And the maritime law argument is empty noise. The application of law has nothing to do with maritime law. But the State, Federal and local laws passed by the various legislatures and executives respectively. Not only is your premise useless flotsam, its completely unnecessary.

The 'sovereign citizen' movement is based in series of profound fallacies about our law, almost always just made up by the 'sovereign citizen' himself. And has no relevance to the real world nor the actual law.

Which is why the record of the sovereign citizen movement in the actual courts, under actual law....is essentially perfect failure.
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That just blew my mind!
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