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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sovereigns are just people trying
to survive outside the NWO Matrix.

it is not they who seek a confrontation
it is the Matrix who seeks them to
put their shackles back on.

Living in the Matrix is nothing
but slavery and mind programming
to hide those shackles.

The best slaves are the ones
who know not they are slaves.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34303862

That's the best way to describe it.

If you study the Fed Reserve & 'maritime law' you'll get it.
For example: Ever wonder why your Credit cards, Driver license, or ANY of your documents, your name is in upper cases?
like: JOHN SMITH. Not: John Smith. Look it up...it'll blow your mind.

I caution you though, you'll be going down a rabbit hole.
 Quoting: Tanarus

Rabbit hole, indeed. I did it. I was able to win a case but word got out and I was steamrollered in another.

Now, you cannot use ANY loopholes to keep the fascists off your back. They will violate all the laws of the land and universe to make an example of you.

The only REAL way to be sovereign is to disappear into the wilderness.

The roads and all other vestiges of "civilization" belong to the matrix. You want to be sovereign? Plan on walking.
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