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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle fbiciadeafhafanniemaepooooo
Post Content
They don't want people to figure out how to operate in life without the gov Inc.'s assistance. They want you to be dependent. There ARE ways to assert your rights, deny contracts, remove presumption etc. It's difficult but a community effort would be effective and the likely option for success. Ging toe to toe with local govs can presumably be difficult ie; remembering all of the legal terms to use properly, the requisite paperwork, staying calm, and being an administrative pro...

I can't link it, but "path to freedom" PDF. Sedm.org

Our relationship with gov agencies is contractual, they are incorporated (they are businesses), defacto, asserting it's authority from adhesion contracts and presumption of law...oh and ignorance.

Decline/quit contracts! read the law! Start the administrative process...

Good luck
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