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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I like Roage's approach to this stuff...

My conclusions are based on my careful study of the history of what was the Republic of these united States.

The conflict was over before the Republic, before the Declaration of Independence and even before the pilgrims landed.

The Republic was an illusion created to protect those who rebelled against the truth.

When the Republic was born there were some glaring truths about it that the people failed to realize.

1.The control of the money and property was not in the hands of the Republic government in direct conflict with the Constitution. That is the Truth.
2.The Republic government had been thoroughly and completely infiltrated by those with allegiance to powers outside of the Republic government. That too was a glaring conflict of interest which was also in direct conflict with the Constitution. If you truly know what the BAR is then you know it stands for the British Accreditation Registry and its home is in the City of London. You also know that the City of London is a country separate and distinct from the rest of the country. You know also that it is as much “British” as the “Federal Reserve” is “Federal”. Her Majesty the Queen of England cannot enter the City of London without being granted permission. That should make the truth very obvious to us all.
What caused the War of 1812 was that the resisters acted to throw out the foreign owned bank that controlled the money and those who has successfully infiltrated the government by not renewing the bank’s 20 year charter, and by ratifying the Constitution to include the first 13th Amendment which banned those who held title of foreign nobility from holding office in the Republic. Who were those infiltrators? Anyone who holds a BAR license holds the rank and title of “Esquire” which is rank one below “Knight”. That title is under the authority of those who control the City of London and not by the authority of the country at large.

After the Republic secretly surrendered in the War of 1812 the “flag was still there” but everything else returned back to the way it was. The Bank Charter was renewed and the original 13th Amendment was curiously ignored. It was over when the White House was burned.

What was left was to take the perceived sovereignty from the several states. That began in 1859 when the southern states rebelled against the Union. The Republic Union ended in March of 1861. The states lost their sovereignty when the Civil War was decided.

All that has gone on since then was a careful strategy to bring the resistors back into alignment with the law.

For our protection the illusion of freedom, independence and government was maintained because the people had rendered themselves so confused that they would injure themselves when they resisted.

Slowly, more and more pressure has been applied and our perceived government was made more and more incrementally tyrannical. Look around; is there anyone who actually thinks they enjoy rights and power?

The “American Dream” has slowly become the “American Nightmare” and we still choose not to wake up.

A slumbering people are of no use, most especially to themselves.

How bad does it have to get before we wake up?

I woke up.

I had to ask myself: “is what I believe the really the truth?”

It was not until I accepted that I did not know the truth that the truth was revealed to me.

From his site...
[link to www.roage.com]
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