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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
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The owner of the FRN is clearly posted on it, the Seal of the Federal Reserve is there, the boarders are well defined. They are not YOURS, you are using them, that implies contract. Your signature (endorsement) on any NOTE or bank transaction assumes the use of the Federal Reserve.

Nope. There's no 'implied contract' with the US of the federal reserve note. And no 'signature' by using them.

You guys just keep making this stuff up. None of it has any relevance to the law or the outside world.

You (and everyone) is given a TRIAL if they want you in prison or property seized for good, you could bring up the fact the contract details were not fully disclosed, or you could tell them you would have been redeeming lawful money the whole time if you had known.

In that case, your argument would have legal standing (fraud by omission on the part of the Government or the Federal Reserve). But, nobody has done that.

Nonsense. There is not 'contract' with the use of Federal Reserve Notes nor does any court or law recognize the use of federal reserve notes as the basis of the jurisdiction of law. Jurisdiction is established geographically...not by the use of Federal Reserve Notes. Your The entire concept is pseudo-legal gibberish that has never worked in court, ever.

And no, your argument would not have 'legal standing'. The reason that 'no one has ever done that' isn't because they didn't know this super secret status that makes them immune to the law. Its that no such status exists and your entire argument is imaginary.

Virtually every time 'sovereign citizens' try this nonsense in court, they lose. Because they really have no idea what they're talking about and have made up all of these arguments from their own imagination. Like calling a tree a 'tea cup', it really doesn't change a thing about the tree. Similarly, calling yourself a 'sovereign citizen' doesn't change a thing about your relationship with the laws. Hell, call yourself 'Santa Claus' if you'd like. You still have to pay your taxes and abide traffic laws.
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