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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
One FIRST HAS TO recognize WHOM you are addressing in the court room/local,state, federal 'governments' are ALL CORPORATIONS, disguising themselves as governments AND, using the power/excuse of CONTRACT LAW in the courts THEY control, to control YOU !

First they must dehumanize you to a 'non-entity, fictional person', etc. to put you on their CORPORATE LEVEL by sending you an ALL CAPITAL summons, letter and/or reading your name in court and asking IF that person is here. If you answer up, the word person in legalize MEANS you have reduced yourself to their level OF fictions person, NON entity ! Now your playing THEIR GAME, and they can treat you as such, by their CORPORATE law system.

There are many ways around this AND you can have any charge except assault or murder DROPPED, by simply confirming that minutes are being taken, and then saying, " I am a beneficiary of the Trust "as explained by a judge of 13 years on the bench who researched it and posted same on the net under the title of.....
" The Matrix and the U.S. Constitution ". Read it and GET an EDUCATION !

 Quoting: Eagle # 1 7633733

Here is a true story;

I had criminal charges laid against me, and a summons was issued for me to appear in court...

When the officer from court services came to deliver the summons, I met her in the driveway...

I signed both copies of the summons, and gave one back to her... She was confused, called a superior, and left...

I also went in to court on the day the summons indicated... Got the crown attorney's attention before court started, and put a copy of my summons in front of her, and walked out...

This was 9 years ago - not heard a word since... been stopped a few times, and given traffic violation tickets, been across boder, got a passport... Nothing, nada has popped up on the radar screen...

All court issues are financial - a public debt has been drawn up, and it has to be settled... This is in reality, the only issue... Doing it immediately on the summons is valid, because it is your credit, and you are endorsing it back to them for settlement...

However, if you run it through the courts, then you have dirivatives, making it impossible to settle any other way then time, or time and capital...
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