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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
Post Content
There are people there who have been through the cracking the code thing and are having hell with I R S, but the demand is doing more than anything else they have done to date.

Yet when you ask who these people are....you know, with actual names....and proof that their argument worked with the IRS, you get evasions, excuses and useless vagueness.

So apparently this plan is foolproof....as long as you're Elvis, Bigfoot, Colonel sanders, the Easter Bunny, or Optimus Prime.

Back in the real world, expect folks to get *really* vague when you ask for specifics. They can't even explain their logic. Why would 'demanding redemption' magically make you immune to taxation?

They can't say. Its just another in an endless litany of 'incantations of the month' that they insist will exploit a loophole that they are desperate to convince you must exist....but no law or court recognizes.

Ask Hendrickson, Benson, Meredith, Schiff or Carr how well these magic spell arguments work out. When they're all out of prison, of course.
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