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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What J is implying is that just because someone is born on land "owned" by someone else that they are under the jurisdiction of the owner. lol

What I'm flat out saying is that if you're in a state or country, you're under the jurisdiction of that state or country's laws. If you're in maryland, the laws of maryland apply. If you're in the US, the laws of the US apply.

Jurisdiction is established geographically.

Not by what currency you have in your pocket, or the font size on your birth certificate, or some special syntax that you've used, or even your citizenship.

A German national say, running a red light gets the same ticket a native would.

All these silly little loopholes you've made up, all these imaginary 'restrictions' that you insist the government must abide, all these little hoops you insist the government must jump through don't actually exist.

You're not making legal arguments. You're making statements of personal opinion that you *insist are laws....

....but aren't. Self proclaimed 'sovereign citizens' are still subject to all the same laws as everyone else. Including federal taxes, state taxes, income taxes, traffic laws, licensing requirements, etc. They're not special and they're not exempt.

Get used to the idea.
 Quoting: J 34311994

And I'm saying just because I'm born on land doesn't mean anyone has jurisdiction over me because there is no contract between myself and that entity..in this case a FICTION called a corporation (State)

The laws don't apply to anyone because nobody ever consented to the laws.

The State which is a fiction has no jurisdiction over men and women. It can't have jurisdiction over anybody because it can't own property because it is a fiction.

I'm not making legal arguments because legal only applies to those who consented to the system which I never did

I repeat Mr. Evasive. Just because I'm born on land doesn't put me under anyone's jurisdiction including a King.

Who says the States or the USA has jurisdiction? Just because they they threaten force and violence?

Sorry but you are claiming these fictions have jurisdiction over me and over a certain geographically area but none of us have ever agreed to that

Your statutory legal system is irrelevant because none of us have ever consented to the system which means we are not a party to it
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