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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
Post Content
J is claiming we are all a party to a system we never consented to.

I'm saying that you're subject to the laws of the land. If you go to France, the laws of France apply to you. If you go to the US, the laws of the US apply to you. If you go to Maryland, the laws of Maryland apply to you.

Your 'consent' to the laws is irrelevant. IF that were the case than any murder could kill anyone and then just decide that murder statutes don't apply to him.

Thankfully, we the people decide which laws apply and which don't through our representatives. And you aren't the people. Our authority supersedes yours in every country you go to....with the possible exception of Somalia. And then you'll be subject to the whim of the first warlord to find you.

Worse, you're not even thinking your argument through. If you *really* believed that you were a king that could set up his own lands within our country, then by definition you would be an a foreign nation invading our country and trying to annex our territory...and we'd be constitutionally obligated to shoot you on sight.

Lucky for you, you aren't a king nor does any law or court recognize you as such. You're just an anonymous dude on the internet who insists he must be a king because he says so.

Sigh...if only reality worked that way.
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