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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
Post Content
he only FACT is J that none of us ever consented to that system so the system doesn't exist. Is is a FICTION.

And who says that your consent is required for laws to be applied to you? If this were true any murderer could kill anyone he wished and then just unilaterally declare that murder statutes don't apply to him.

Thankfully, we live under the laws of the people. And our laws apply to you regardless of whether or not you agree with them. This is true for *any* country you go to.

Try going to Mexico and telling their police that you can do whatever you want and none of their laws apply to you. After they stop laughing...I don't think you'd find the results very pleasant.

Sorry, my little 'sovereign citizen', but your imagination just has nothing to do with the law, the courts, or the real world. But its quite amusing.
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