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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i wonder how this subject is divided amoungst those who have nothing to lose,and those who have invested their lives in the system.

Its not a matter of 'investing their lives in the system'. Its about objective v. subjective. Do we believe that law is generally objective, where folks are held accountable to public laws established by the people? Essentially, a nation of laws.

Or do we believe that the law is generally subjective, where the law doesn't exist and everyone can decide for themselves what is legal or illegal? Essentially anarchy.

In the US, we picked the more objective course. The people elect representatives, who then in turn wield the people's authority in their stead to create, execute and adjudicate law. And the laws apply to pretty much everyone objectively.

You can argue whether or not that's the system we *should* have. But that is the system we *do* have. We are a nation of laws. Not anarchy.

And that's a fact that just drives the sovereign citizen folks crazy.
 Quoting: J 34504191

The sovereign citizen movement is NOT about anarchy...

It is you and media types that paint it in that light...

The movement is about not being plowed under by a system that is inherrantly inflationary...

Most of the people I know, have jobs, and families and they do not go around entertaining the idea of being reckless...

They have a moral compass...

But, they are still in debt... Most hopelessly and fed up...
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