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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
Post Content
Not proof, you claimed no action needs to be taken by me, I am subject to your laws, so prove it. Why do you need ME to perform when you are the one claiming dominion and jurisdiction over me WITHOUT my consent or action?

More excuses for why you won't possibly put your claims to the test. Oh, you'll babble and declare that no laws apply to you.

But you know that's nonsense. You know that if you get caught breaking a law, the law will be applied to you. If you speed and get caught, you'll get a ticket. If you spit on a cop, you'll be arrested.

Which is why you're desperately scrambling to find an excuse, any excuse, to avoid putting your claims to the test.

Keep running. When even *you* don't buy your own bullshyte, you know you're done.
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