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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
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ealize J everyone has different beliefs, and your replies what are they considered, opinions, the truth, half truth, or lies? Reflect and think for a sec. what you are saying.

Anyone can have any 'belief' they want. But neither your beliefs nor mine mandate that the law or the courts adhere to them. That's what so many here just don't get. They consider *themselves* the law (or in 'mr king's' case.....give empty lip service to the idea). And make up whatever pseudo-legal 'limit', loophole or exception to the law they like.

But these limits, loopholes and exceptions don't exist just because you 'believe' they do. If you want to make a legal argument, quote the law or the courts.

Not yourself. And that's all the 'sovereign citizens' guys do. Is quote themselves, insisting they must be right because they say they are.

Which doesn't work really well in the outside this little bubble. From the quality of responses I've gotten, it doesn't work really well inside it either.
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