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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
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imho its a logical progression,just as default contitutionalism was compromised and corrupted into what we see today,an interim political strategy would work toward restoring what we lost,but ultimately evolving towards a free self sufficient non centralised voluntaryists society.


This doesn't look snarky at all! Give me a moment to shift gears.

<cracking my knuckles and screwing on my thinking hat>

There, all done. So where were we?

I think the problems with non-centralized v8oluntaryist society is the same problems with anarchy in general:

1) Lack of an effective system of conflict management

2) Difficulty creating major projects (bridges, roads, etc)

3) Inherent instability of subjectifying moral and ethical conduct with no means of enforcement

4) Unsustainability as leaders within the 'non-centralized voluntariyist' society would eventually devolve into factionalism.

5) Vulnerability to outside threats due to lack of organization
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