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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
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use the freeman arguement,and u may get off a parking ticket or speeding fine.u get a million people refusing to pay taxes,they'll make an example out of you.if u'd like an example of this watch cool hand luke.they'll break you.if u got the balls thats your cross to bare and thats what real men respect.you only live once

You can use the pokemon argument if you want. Unless the legal basis and terms you've defined are recognized by the law and the courts, its all just an excercise in your own personal opinion.

And enjoy. I'm not trying to tell folks they can't believe what they want to believe. I'm just trying to inject a little reality into the situation....and help folks recognize that while they believe something, the law doesn't actually change based on their belief.

It changes based on who they elect to office. Channel some of that energy into changing the laws by electing folks who share your values. They can enact change, if slowly.

But its infinitely better than the conspiracy circle jerk of like minded conspiracy theorists agreeing with each other about what the law is 'supposed' to mean.

Which is essentially meaningless. Sometimes I think boards like this exist to distract politically minded people from *actually* engaging in real world politics. But then I remember that I don't buy into conspiracy nonsense like that. And I play a little Skyrim.
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