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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle miserkocho2
Post Content
imho its a logical progression,just as default contitutionalism was compromised and corrupted into what we see today,an interim political strategy would work toward restoring what we lost,but ultimately evolving towards a free self sufficient non centralised voluntaryists society.


This doesn't look snarky at all! Give me a moment to shift gears.

<cracking my knuckles and screwing on my thinking hat>

There, all done. So where were we?

I think the problems with non-centralized v8oluntaryist society is the same problems with anarchy in general:

1) Lack of an effective system of conflict management

4) Unsustainability as leaders within the 'non-centralized voluntariyist' society would eventually devolve into factionalism.

5) Vulnerability to outside threats due to lack of organization
 Quoting: J 34504191

im sure you could find videos of stefan molyneux who could articulate it better than me but ill give it a shot.
1) Lack of an effective system of conflict management
when people polarize right and wrong there are almost always extenuating circumstances.thats the purpose of a well informed jury of peers to provide some flexibility to law.again i have absolutely no problem with the foundation of law and the intentions behind it.although im not religious,i find it hard to disagree with the 10 commandments or at least george carlins version.personally the 7 deadly sins is fine also but in a different context.ultimately it would be up to individual provinces,communities etc to test,eventually it may evolve into a more concetrated framework.things like contract law,u could have some mediation tribunal but a transparent information source and a less volatile monetary system,there's really no excuse.either way.an interim system will have to replace the lamestream media.
2) Difficulty creating major projects (bridges, roads, etc)
the problem with the monetary system is the creation of money,not to dilute the market and devalue the currency but to add something essential for the creater good.the money supply has to move with the population,thats one way.health care,there has to be a free market instrument that creates money to cater for it.i know that usually only leads to corruption but again,different information source.as far as maintenance,it should be up to communities to work together,but the major projects,well spent money generates wealth.free market principles apply but also its a completely different world no longer turning this pristine planet into a strip mall.
i gtg ill get back to the others
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