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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I do not have any public trust. However, all my Trusts are recognized by Government.

There is one public trust I access and use to conduct business with the Government J worships at the alter of (with his own image on it, of course).

That trust was set up by His god government for public use, so thanks for that FDR!

As for the trust in his Government, it is fleeting and elastic since the Creator of all of it is an enemy to mankind and is bent on its destruction.

"CONGRESS DECLARES THE BIBLE “THE WORD OF GOD”. 97th Congress Joint Resolution [S.J.Res. 165] 96 Stat. 1211. Public Law 97-280."

While on paper and in law, the Government declares the Bible to be the Word of God, their trust is in Columbia.

Where your trust is, your heart is also.

I have known people to stand in open court and declare "I have no public trust, I do not recognize this court." They then walk out without a word of protest from the Captains bridge.

Frankly J seems like a trust fund kid who thinks he knows everything but in reality only knows that with money, people are easy to manipulate into agreeing with him. He also knows that with money to 'pay the man' the system works very well in defending him when his mouth writes checks on his ego account that he cannot back up physically.

Maybe not, maybe his is just a lonely prick who has to pay French Canadian whores to prove his manhood.

Do not really know, do not really care, I do not trust him or care how he lives his life, that is his right just as it is mine.

Trust or lack of it, easy to prove even in their courtSHIPS, no sovereign status needed.
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