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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
Post Content

Actually, in the post above - "J" - finally gets rational and reveals he is capable of some depth of thought.

My reasoning in this thread is been pretty much the same from beginning to end: objective over subjective in the law. I side with the more objective....where law is established through legislative processes and adjudicated by the courts.

The sovereign citizen believes in the subjective. Where if they make up any pseudo-legal claim they'd like (font sizes on birth certificates, magical 'syntax' incantations, secret statuses, etc) that because they've imagined it, the law and the courts are bound to it.

Nope. You can imagine anything you'd like. But your subjective beliefs do not create objective law. Your imaginary loopholes and secret statuses don't have a thing to do with the law. They're your personal opinions. And when you present your personal opinion AS the law in court.....you generally see very poor outcomes.

If you want to make a legal argument, you need to cite the law and the courts. And overwhelmingly, both contradict you.

Which explains the abysmal record of the 'sovereign citizens' in the legal system.

Its not that complicated.
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