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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
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That's the reason I advise people to read Title 26 and fully understand every word. You've read the entire code right?

My study has focused on all the sections related to the filing and tax payment requirements….say, Title 26, § 6011 to about 6151. And many of the court cases in which 'sovereign citizens' have challenged those section insisting that there is no obligation to pay income taxes.

As Benson, Schiff, Carr, Brown and a litany of others learned....oh, there definitely is.

Remember, and this is fundamental: the pseudo-legal gibberish that you folks tell *each other* doesn't actually have any relevance to the law. As the 'legal principles' (ie: anything written in caps is a corporation or trust) and legal definitions (for example, that the US is only the district of Colombia), aren't recognized by the law or the courts.

So what's the use of a legal argument that you can't use in court?

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