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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
Post Content
Frankly J seems like a trust fund kid who thinks he knows everything but in reality only knows that with money, people are easy to manipulate into agreeing with him. He also knows that with money to 'pay the man' the system works very well in defending him when his mouth writes checks on his ego account that he cannot back up physically.

I'll add 'trust fund kid' to the elaborate and quite bizarre list you guys have made up for me. Lets see,according to the 'list', I'm a government agent, a paid shill of the government, a paid shill of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a paid shill for something called 'quatloos', an 'elite', a Jew (they were a little vague on the spelling), a member of the Illuminati, a communist, a socialist, or lawyer, a domestic terrorist, an IRS agent and oh wait.... a trust fund kid.

You sovereign citizen types do love your labels.

And folks are persuaded by my argument because it makes sense. The law and the courts are more authoritative on the law than you are, citing yourself.

And done!

Its persuasive because its true. The fact that its simple and self evident is just gravy.
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