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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle J
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on't steal or you'll be in their with your friends, Ed, Elaine, Schiff, and oothers.

Yeah, those poor stupid bastards. Folks like me tried to warn them that all the made up nonsense forwarded by the 'sovereign citizen' folks was useless flotsam.

But they didn't listen. And this morning they had their breakfast served to them through a slot in the door.

While the 'sovereign citizen' folks may believe that whatever silly theories they come up with somehow binds the courts......the courts don't. And this is the grand disconnect. Between what the sovereign citizens *say* is the law. And what the law *actually* is.

The record of failure is so overwhelming, that most of the 'sovereign citizen' folks who are so brave in their declarations *online*, won't dare test their theories in real life.

But they might try to convince you to test the theories for them....knowing full well that you'll most likely go to jail.

But better you than them, right?
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