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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

OK, but, the question remains - why did it get that way ???

My opinion? Two things: The drug war and a shift from rehabilitation to simple incarceration.

We have *way* too many harmless pot heads or addicts in our prison system. The war on drugs just hasns't worked. Its cost us more in blood and treasure than it has saved us. I'd probably recommend a wholesale shift from incarceration to treatment. As even a dozen times through rehab is the fraction of the cost of the prison terms we're handing out.

And we've seen a steady climb in the recidivism rates....where we don't give ex-convicts many options but crime once they leave prison. No particular skills, laws that make it really hard to get hired, and a culture that doesn't really offer much in terms of second chances.

If I had the money and unlimited time, felons would be my primary focus. Children, dogs and dolphins have plenty of advocates. But who takes the time to try to help felons become productive members of society and live a full and fulfilling life?

Too few if you ask me.
 Quoting: J 34504191

Well then those people who are in prison who didn't have any victims can go after the people who profit and stole their life. Right?
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