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Revenge Police Mayhem

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1151435
United States
02/13/2013 04:37 AM
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Revenge Police Mayhem
People want to take sides in this whole Dorner thing. They want him to be a hero, or they want the LAPD to be heroes. There's no side to take, since they were all cops.

He played the ultra-righteous guy with a gun.

They played the ultra-righteous guys with guns.

They fucked him. He fucked them. He kill a few. They shot a few. They killed him.

He wanted revenge, they wanted revenge. He killed for revenge, they killed for revenge.

It is the way of barbarians. It is the way of amoral savages. It is the way of psychotic people who think that they are heroes, above the law, beyond the law, and who do not know the law, because they're too stupid to know the law, and because they don't even know what the fuck law is or why it is.

Dorner became a cop. He saw the thugs. He was a cop. He decided to thug on them. They thugged back. He thugged back. They shot back. He shot back. Cop vs. Cop.

The cops seem to forget he was a cop. He seems to forget that they were cops, and he was a cop. There's nothing BUT villains in this story, no heroes, no good guys, no 'getting' of a bad guy. It's just bad guys all around shooting at eachother like the mafia.

I don't give a shit who killed who, one can clearly see in their actions they were all out for revenge. They all thought they could do whatever the fuck they want. Shooting up cars with innocent people in them. Shooting innocent people who have nothing to do with whatever is pissing them off. Assholes and mayhem all around.

I'm tired of listening to people saying the LAPD are heroes, or that Dorner was a hero. Don't give me this shit that 'he got what he deserved,' he did what every fucking cop does with a gun, he shoots people and asks questions later, he attempts to assert his phony rightousness with his guns or his power, the LAPD did the same fucking thing in response to his bullshit, which was a response to their bullshit, and yet he was one of THEM.

He's one of them. He died one of them. He killed for revenge, they killed for revenge. There was no justice or law to be found anywhere in this whole goddamn nutball saga.

Fuck Dorner. Fuck the LAPD. They were the same.