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This is Detroit..."Coming to a city near you....soon"... This is what happens when unions suck you dry.

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02/13/2013 09:06 AM

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This is Detroit..."Coming to a city near you....soon"... This is what happens when unions suck you dry.
Are you still a union city? How broke is your city? Wanna have a large middle class? Well bring in the unions...they'll "solve" everything...Detroit hasn't had republican representation since 1954.

DETROIT (Reuters) - Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, a former professional basketball player, may have to hit the equivalent of a last-second shot during a speech on Wednesday to avoid losing much of his authority to a state takeover of the city's financial affairs.

Bing will deliver his annual "state of the city" speech as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has compiled a "short list" of people who could be named emergency financial manager of the destitute city within weeks.

This may be Bing's last chance to publicly outline a strategy to persuade the state from seizing control.

"He has to lay out a framework of how the Detroit city government on its own is going to fix this financial crisis," city council member Kenneth Cockrel Jr., a former mayor himself, said on Tuesday.

[link to news.yahoo.com]
Will we even know we were alive when we're dead? Me
Kingdoms were run by kings
Empires were run by Emperors
Countries are run by.....

I'm not in the gang. Im not in the group where the group does whatever its supposed to do, he said. I want to do whats right for the country not whats good for special interest groups that contribute, not whats good for the lobbyists and the donors. Donald Trump for president.

Dear D.J. Trump, We're (my now Republican voting wife) super excited you're the president fine sir. You deserve it, we deserve and need you. and how bout $10,000 to every middle class family married (man and woman) or single man or woman that makes under $75k a year, thank you, us.

Trump 2020

Do English people make better buildings?
Quoting: Anonymous Legend 75077345

Because it didn't get hit by a fucking jet hard enough to blow the protective concrete off the steel structure that melted due to thousands of gallons of jet fuel and debris the weakened said steel to the point of structural failure therefore succumbing to collapse of the floors above hence falling the building. That's why.
Quoting: ChvyV8Bldr

And we're Americans not English you double fucking nimrod.