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Geochronology - Hiding History In The Past - Hidden Origin Of Homo Sapiens

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 135178
United States
02/13/2013 10:06 AM
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Geochronology - Hiding History In The Past - Hidden Origin Of Homo Sapiens
[link to www.soldierhugs.com]

One of the advantages of being a subcontractor for “black ops” projects is that you often overhear the strangest things—things that sound like science fiction or a good Halloween story, but you soon learn are very serious topics and you need to keep your mouth shut, until you are well away from the situation. And when you are poking around in history with the Phoenix III equipment, a lot of unexpected things turn up. And so is the case with the origins of man. Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright,1 hold on to your hats… because you were a lot closer than you realized.
These papers discuss anthropology, the study of the origins and behavior of homo sapiens, developing a radically different world view that will not only make anthropologists scream in horror, but will make religious folks want to bring back burning at the stake...
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 135178
United States
02/13/2013 11:21 AM
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Re: Geochronology - Hiding History In The Past - Hidden Origin Of Homo Sapiens
This paper is MINDBLOWING: Check out this interesting excerpt:

The natural consequences of our theory indicate that the moons of the inner planets are not “natural,” in the sense of evolving with the associated planets, but are actually “Arks” that were used by the SM Annunaki, placed in orbit around Earth and Mars, not very long ago. The Martian Arks of Phobos and Deimos are “dead,” and are now just asteroids in decaying orbit. However, the Earth’s Ark, the Moon, is still running on impulse power with its inverse density gradient, hard shell and gaseous core. Consider NASA’s “lunar mysteries” in this light:72
1.Scientists now tend to lean toward the third theory—that the moon was “captured” by the earth’s gravitational field and locked into orbit ages ago. Opponents of the theory point to the immensely difficult celestial mechanics involved in such a capture. All of the theories are in doubt, and none satisfactory. NASA scientist Dr. Robin Brett sums it up best: “It seems much easier to explain the nonexistence of the moon than its existence.” [Captured, or parked?]
2.Incredibly, over 99 percent of the moon rocks brought back turned out upon analysis to be older than 90 percent of the oldest rocks that can be found on earth. [The Annunaki are not from this solar system; their Arks would be much older than the planets.]
3.The mystery of the age of the Moon is even more perplexing when rocks taken from the Sea of Tranquility were young compared to the soil on which they rested. [Meteoric aggregation, just like the crust of the planet over the mantle, is much younger.]
4.During the Apollo Moon missions, ascent stages of lunar modules as well as the spent third stages of rockets crashed on the hard surface of the moon. Each time, these caused the moon, according to NASA, to “ring like a gong or a bell.” On one of the Apollo 12 flights, reverberations lasted from nearly an hour to as much as four hours. NASA is reluctant to suggest that the moon may actually be hollow, but can otherwise not explain this strange fact. [Inverse density gradient makes it hollow.]
5.Astronauts found it extremely difficult to drill into the surface of these dark plain-like areas [maria]. Soil samples were loaded with rare metals and elements like titanium, zirconium, yttrium, and beryllium. This dumbfounded scientists because these elements require tremendous heat, approximately 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit, to melt and fuse with surrounding rock, as it had. [A white dwarf fragment has an initial surface temperature of 180,000° F—definitely hot enough to do that.]
6.The Soviets announced that pure iron particles brought back by remote controlled lunar probe Zond 20 have not oxidized even after several years on earth. [From Larson’s chemistry, Fe5, which cannot oxidize.]
7.The upper 8 miles of the moon’ crust are surprisingly radioactive. [Starts at a high magnetic ionization, and works down, creating many radioactive elements. Though I do wonder how NASA got “8 miles” of core samples from equipment in that tiny lunar module.]
8.But after Apollo 15, NASA experts were stunned when a cloud of water vapor more than 100 square miles in size was detected on the moon’s surface. … The water vapor appears to have come from the moon’s interior, according to NASA. [Hollow, gaseous interior leaking out.]