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Message Subject Obama says hes raising minumum wage to 9.00/hr. i think that is a great fuckin idea!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This will restart the internal economy of the country. If you give more money to the ones that have less they will buy national food and national machinery. So that will be more work for your people.
I think is the right thing to do.
What do you think trinity?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33959065

How's that workin' out for you in Argentina......sounds pretty socialistic to me.
 Quoting: DeadBeacon

Some numbers from Argentina since 2003 (Kirchner gov):

- GDP grew by more than 80%, recording the fastest growth of our in decades.
- Industrial production rose 107%.
- Argentina was the only Latin American country that exports reprimarizó but, on the contrary, increased to reach the industry in 2011, 34% of total foreign sales.
- It generated more than 5 million jobs.
- Unemployment declined from 20% to 7%.
- From 2003 to late 2012, the salary Minimum Living went from $ 200/mo pesos to $ 2900/mo pesos.
- From 2003 to December 2011, poverty per person rose from 54% to 7% and extreme poverty from 28% to 2%.
- The Universal Child Allowance reaches almost 4 million of children.
- International reserves increased from U.S. $ 9.915 million to 45.000 million.
- Tax revenue grew by almost 700%.
- In 2002, the total public debt to GDP meant 166% in late 2011 was reduced to 42%.
- In 2002, the total public debt held by the private sector, foreign currency relative to GDP was 92% in August 2012 fell to 8.4%.
- In 2002, the Debt Total Public, private held, relative to GDP was 124%, in August 2012 is only 12% and is much intra-public sector debt.
- In 2002, Argentina was $ 2,250 each, in August 2012 we have $ 962, the decline has been more than 50% of the per capita debt in Argentina.
- In 2002, was allocated 22% of tax revenues to pay debt interest, in August 2012, only 6%.
- From 2003 to August 2012, retirees more than doubled, went from 3.5 to 7.11 million people covered by the insurance system.
- The pension coverage rate is 95.1%, the highest rate throughout Latin America.
- From 2003 to August 2012, increasing the minimum pension was 1254%.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33959065

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