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Message Subject Obama says hes raising minumum wage to 9.00/hr. i think that is a great fuckin idea!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Back when I was a kid in 1980, minimum wage was $3.25. If you were a full-time employee (40 hours per week, 52 weeks a year) your annual salary was $6,968. The average household income was $17,000, so as a ratio the minimum wage earner made about 41% of that average household income.

Fast forward to 2012. Minimum wage of $7.25 for a full-time employee meant an annual salary of $15,080. The average household income was $50,000, so the ratio is 30%.

Now, we all know that the middle class has been losing ground, but think about the poorest workers - they are losing ground to the middle class even!

Some of you have your heads up your butts if you think those people don't deserve a raise. If you made the ratio equal to 1980, the minimum wage should be close to $10.

You all bitch about people doing nothing and collecting entitlements, but there isn't much other choice for the untrained worker. Let's at least give them an incentive to work.

You gripe about the rich getting richer on your backs but you want to boost yourselves on the backs of our poorest citizens. You are the same as the bankers and corporate CEOs but on a smaller scale - the intent is the identical - and that is to screw the little guy and collect more yourselves.
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