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Message Subject Obama says hes raising minumum wage to 9.00/hr. i think that is a great fuckin idea!
Poster Handle Saxon F Waxon, Esq.
Post Content
There should be a maximum salary along with a minimum salary much higher than a pathetic 9/hr. 9/hr should be what you pencil pushing corporate monekys should be threading up your asses.
 Quoting: krosty

it's something called freedom... free to pay people whatever you want, you stupid dipshit loser.
 Quoting: Saxon F Waxon, Esq.

Then paying people nothing is freedom? Disparaging your employees of income to the point that they are unable to provide for themselves is freedom?

 Quoting: krosty

You must be aware of some really fucking hideous employer.

Who is it? Who is this beast who forces his employees to work at gunpoint for slave wages the employees don't agree to?
 Quoting: Professor Xavier

I think I saw her gulag on google.
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