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Why people go crazy!!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34333435
United Kingdom
02/13/2013 04:54 PM
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Why people go crazy!!!
The recent events have demonstrated that people can go crazy and kill people for number of reasons.

Loss of job
Financial problems
Health issues
Family problems
Isolation from society
Humiliation by others
Mental health issues
Lack of hope
Routine of life
Feel like they are being ignored
Wanting more from life.

All this negative stuff is focused on someone or anyone, regardless whether they are to blame or not, it is a build up of emotions, and a release is needed...and it all comes out when the barriers that keep you under control, snap!!!

User ID: 33864271
02/13/2013 04:56 PM
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Re: Why people go crazy!!!
yes you got something there
WE are going to win