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Politicians act like spoilt and petulant children that need to be disciplined


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02/14/2013 09:14 AM

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Politicians act like spoilt and petulant children that need to be disciplined
Alberta’s Premier, Alison Redford’s current conflict of interest (fraud) problem should not disappear as she intends it will. Redford, then justice minister chose her ex-husband’s law firm for a $10-billion tobacco lawsuit contract in 2010. When she committed this conflict of interest (fraud) she was serving as our justice minister of all things; between her and Vic Toews, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un looks both sane and trustworthy. An internal Justice Department memo stating her ex-husband’s law firm should be awarded the contract 2 months before she left her post is the smoking gun. One should find this as both abhorrent and illegal, not to mention a total breach of trust. She has been asked to step down and she has refused. This is absurd, can you imagine if I was caught committing fraud, do you think the RCMP would ask me to come to the police station or ask me if I would like to go to court? Do you think I could refuse their request?

Con't @ [link to www.westcoasttruth.com]
Thank you everyone for your karma and comments! My next show is with Hamilton Morris; Hamilton Morris is a journalist and science editor of Vice magazine and a contributor to Harper's Magazine, born on April 14, 1987 who lives in Brooklyn, New-York.