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The Narrow Way... By: Peter the Roman

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02/14/2013 09:34 AM
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The Narrow Way... By: Peter the Roman
The Narrow Way

the narrowway

I stood among two men holding iron clubs,
their names were Denny and Ben
on my mind was a fairway
straight through it
and I’d reach my destination
a wedge was grabbed from the bag
as a man in a cart wheeled past me
Denny asked if he could play along
the man said he certainly would
our foursome was now complete
it happened on the third valley tee.

The man in the cart was heavy
he was bigger than plump
dressed in all gray
he stood slumped
he had a long beard
that wired down just below
the top collar of his shirt
a one horn rhino printed on its front
in his hat was an American Flag
pinned by the words Holy Cow.

He said his name was Joe
After we shook hands and were ready to go
Denny then Ben teed off first
Ben was just shy of the green
Denny sliced his ball right
Ben’s went just to the left
mine went straight through the narrow
biting the green
it was a good shot
Denny and Ben congratulated me
Joe said nothing
he only adjusted his ball
then he teed off
slicing far-far to the right
as he yelled loud an unholy curse
the first word in his curse
beginning with a ‘G’
the second word ending in an ‘n’.

I began to walk forward
straight within the fair-way
thinking about the narrow
and the more I played the game
the more I learned from Joe that day
by what he thoughtlessly was saying
how awful he was playing his game
as he cursed every bad stroke
and talked as if war was a joke
as if flying body parts were funny
and he chattered so very much
you forgot half of what he was saying
and he kept us constantly waiting
as he searched for his lost causes
like a fool in the tall weeds
screaming in the wide rough
”Hopeless! Absolutely hopeless!”

His luck only changing once
landing him squarely on the fairway
but then he cheated for a better lie
and it went on like this
the whole time we played
until Denny and Ben had enough of
the unholy cursing
and left after the sixth tee.

I just couldn’t leave
there was more to learn
and a better game I have never played
my mind focused on the blessed narrow
and I thought it’s about pure attitude
and if you have it in you…
your longitude will be in line
your latitude less wider
a destination is better reached
and not too far off par
if one wonders not far off a fair-way.

Smiling ended my game only six over
as I reached down to retrieve my best game ever golf ball
and glanced at Joe positioning himself on the last green
I quit following his game after to many cursed swings
and he was about to end without a score card score
but only some advice was given to him
“The only way to play, Joe, is in the narrow”
I said as he was about to putt his last stroke
and he cursed again as his ball rolled past the hole
”In the narrow, Joe, it’s the only way in life to also go.”

He didn’t even play out the game
just picked up his kicked ball
said goodbye and tanks
hopped his fat body in his cart
and drove away.

Later, that evening
I wondered upon a star
it gives man direction
true and due north
it’s longitude is always in line
it’s latitude is never off course
dwelling on my own life, I thought
fools live in the rough of impure cursing
the wise live in the way of pure blessing
The narrow way -- the unchanging fair way
happy are those who enter through it
for they shall one day see the sacred
and their score joyfully read.

Peter the Roman

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