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Conflict In The Vatican - 2 Popes

Enigma Shadows
User ID: 34388204
United Kingdom
02/14/2013 10:17 AM
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Conflict In The Vatican - 2 Popes
Ok just thinking aloud.

What if Rome had two popes at the same time, the current pope and the new pope.

Traditional the pope is to die before a new pope comes into power but what if one pope retired and another took his place, but the retiring pope stayed on in the background secretly running things with the new pope as a cover.

"There has been confusion over the future status of Benedict XVI, with conflicting statements on what name he will take after retirement and hints from his brother that he will not go into silent retreat but may make himself available to advise the newly-appointed Pope."

Pope Benedict is wanting to stay on at the Vatican so that he can assist the new pope but now the cardinals want him to leave the Vatican state.

"The Pope is under pressure to go into exile from Rome after he retires so that he does not interfere with the work of his successor, senior Roman Catholic sources indicated yesterday"

"Since the resignation announcement on Monday there has been deepening concern that Benedict’s presence will mean the church has, in effect, one too many Popes."

Theirs also reports, rumours that the current pope will be able to keep his title and still be refered to as His Holiness Pope Benedict xvi even thou he's no longer the pope.

"Different church authorities have made conflicting statements that he will keep his Papal name and the title ‘your Holiness’"

Does this sound familer to anyone, the last numbered pope, the false pope, the last pope being made to go into exile?

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]