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Open thread on frequency manipulation & impact on though and health

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United States
02/14/2013 03:58 PM
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Open thread on frequency manipulation & impact on though and health
To me, in many respects the most important science of the day is electromagnetic frequency manipulation and its effect on human health.

From link: [link to journal.borderlands.com]

The evidence is becoming overwhelming that cellular functions can be switched on and off through frequency specific electromagnetic radiation that induces nuclear magnetic resonance in the cell. We may find that many diseases can be caused or cured by frequency specific radiation that is ELF pulse modulated.

In our technological society, there are few places to go where you will not be exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Television, radio and microwave radiation are abundant in all metropolitan areas. High voltage 60 Hz power lines crisscross the country. Microwaves (one of the most dangerous) are becoming increasingly common. The FCC has started to grant licences to use microwaves for cellular phones.

The powers that control the energy and communications industries will stop at no end to prevent the public from learning the truth. Their financial health depends on it. Since the military is one of the largest producers of high power electromagnetic radiation, it is not likely that we can count on government intervention.

I know this topic has been discussed a lot on this thread, with Swinging on Spirals a particularly bright guy who has posted a lot of insightful information.

Much more to be said about this ...