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Message Subject Tony Robbins Exposed
Poster Handle Gnostic Warrior
Post Content
The video is lame. He is a fawking SALESMEN selling "hope" and "motivation" in a weekend and a book. So some idiot decides to use biblical scripture to dissect this man as if he is evil when is clearly NOT. In addition, he tells more truths about human potential and power than you profane will ever be able to understand or find in that Bible you all ignorantly quote.

In regards to the coal walking scam, of course its magic and a form of sorcery to fool people into think they are powerful. While I do not agree with that BS, it sure does get some sheople to think they are fire walking sheople which may help them to become black sheep who are no longer walking off a cliff like most bible believers do every day.

Definition of a sales·man - A man whose job involves selling or promoting commercial products.
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