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Message Subject Tony Robbins Exposed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Video was done with a single mindset, focus, and agenda. Obviously a Christian made this video - and used snippets from movie scenes, the Bible, and personal exaggeration to convey the video makers ideals, and thus, agenda. People, what at 2 mins or so a Star Wars snippet was used to express and press home "force" - and unleashing it the force contained from within... "Use the Force, Luke"? Obviously, the creator of the video is not aware of George's own notes and thoughts - and are easily found - as to the motivation of the movies.

This guy became popular, rich, and famous because he is able to see what people WANT - and know's how to convey this in words that the "common folk" can understand. As simple as I can explain it - in the animated movie ROBOTS. In the movie, Mr. Bigweld says - "See a need, fill a need".

There is NO MAGIC here. No Satan love and humping, no blood letting. No Norse ruins on a pentagram with salt around the edges...

The guy saw a need, and did his best to fill it.. becoming rich and famous in doing so.

I know examples close to me that have done the same. I know they do not worship devils, aliens, trees.. But they are simply self made people in the world of capitalism - as they can discern what it takes.

This is a very amusing video. And in MY opinion, I'll say, someone that doesn't have much but goes to work everyday and church every Sunday, feels life is against them, created this video.

Get off your ass and do something and go forth in life, make a meaningful change and stick too it - ever tried that? A turtle doesn't get anywhere unless it sticks it's neck out....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27697101

Quoting to prove I wrote the above before I run off and forget about this dribble in about 60 seconds.

OP, I've read the Bible myself, and to Koran, and the Book of Mormon, and the.. well, I've read numerous.

I'll pose you this- and hopefully you will ponder, especially if you were the creator of that video, or involved with it (in a least you are passing it around like a cold) - In the Bible, Jesus stated something about judgement, and said something about it being reserved for only some guy.. right? So, give that a thought..
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