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02/14/2013 06:12 PM
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God from the very beginning, desired his "children" to love him back. not just because he was their creator or because he already loved them.

his desire was for his children to "willingly" love him back in and "through what they were to endure" what father's love here on earth is stronger than that.????

this very life we all live as believers here on earth is just 'a stepping stone" into an eternity that has our place "marked" by our lives lived here.!!

Gods love goes beyond our human understanding,because not many earthly men would "sacrifice their own son" to save the rest of his own children.????

as children we often "disobey" mom and dad which usually gets us in trouble,"punishment" is then taken on the cheek so to speak, but "most" learn from it all.

even though our earthly father does "punish" his own child in some way [and yes some far too harshly], he still loves them and the child still loves them back.

God did not want his own children just to "obey him" out of fear of punishment, he wanted his children to "obey him" because they know he "knows what is best for their lives.!!

yet God still went ahead and gave his children "self will" "knowing his children would "fall" way before they were ever "born here as human"!!

BLESSINGS AND CURSEINGS is the natural order of the day here on earth we all must live with. if we break man's law then there are "curseings" or "punishment" of some kind.

being "blessed" is living a productive life, while giving God the glory for our bounty or lack of bounty. we are to give "honour" to where honour is due.!!

all of God's very own "children" are put through certain "trials and testings" in order for them "to grow" and mature into that "image" of JESUS CHRIST as he is.

NOTHING happens in his childrens lives without his knowledge, good or bad. but it is "usually" our own "disobedience" [self will] by doing the wrong thing that gets us into trouble in the first place.

God's children's LIVES here on earth as being human is about God "REDEEMING BACK" his "spiritual children" that fell from "heaven" because of "what happened up there"!!

"a fallen spirit" within a human body[ a prison] was the only way God could "redeem them back" to himself. but he desired his children to "love him back" no matter what they went through while here, that is why we have "self will"!!

his own children [spirits in human bodies] failed for thousands of years after Adam was "created" because their "disobedience" brought upon them "curseings" that were already in place for doing the wrong things before they were ever born here!!

all of his children that "died" before Jesus Christ gave his life [as for all sin] their "spirits" went to a waiting place "called paradise" because "their sins" were only "covered over"!! with "mortal blood" of animals.

WHEN Jesus Christ "DIED" and bled "his blood" "was eternal" and remains over "all sins" through out the entire earth to this very day.

NO ONE'S sins will be held against them at "judgement" as to warrant some type of "punishment". Jesus Christ "paid" for "all sin" period!!

THE VERY QUESTION God will "ask" each and everyone ever "born" here that did live past "the age of understanding" will be "what did you do with my son"????

PUTTING ALL HUMANITY ON THE VERY SAME LEVEL, of either their "rejection" of what Jesus Christ had done in their place, or "accepting" what he had done in their place.

NO ONE WILL GAIN ENTRY INTO HEAVEN WITHOUT "them" having "accepted" Jesus Christ and his sacrifice in their place, because "that is the way God has ordained it all"!!

call upon God today in the privacy of your home and seek his face to "open your heart to HIM" that you want a desire to "love him back" as he loves you right now!!

it is not about a "formula" or bunch of set words that needs to be spoken. it is "within the heart" that the right words will come out as "your mouth speaks"!!

BECOME AS A CHILD once again, open your heart and let God's Holy Spirit live within you as "he has promised" to do.!!