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I read that there are government satellites that can read minds and affect them. Is there truth to this? Psychic explains

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15534724
02/14/2013 11:05 PM
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I read that there are government satellites that can read minds and affect them. Is there truth to this? Psychic explains
7:42 PM - I do not see it as a satellite in space...but I feel like the government has employees and associates that are on the ground located in various parts all over the world, and those associates are trained in like social behaviors and very in depth psychology. And they are so in tune with how the mind works, and generalized attitudes, that they can sense the energy of what is going on. For example, say there is a lot of hostility in Chicago, they can pick up on that energy and they just as a whole can tell that that city is either under anxiety or anger. And I do not feel that it is individual people that are singled out, but more pockets of people with regard to overall attitude and moral on a large scale.

I do not really see any altering of the mind...It is more of a... surveillance on the "Right Now" of the situation.

Q-Does our government or any other government have potentially dangerous satellites?
A-Immediately I see satellites that do high tech video. Almost like they could spy on anybody on any given time. It is more of an invasion of privacy that danger, but that was my initial image that I got. Maybe because it is a danger to your right of privacy.

Q-Are there any satellites with nuclear missiles, laser weapons etc.
A-I actually do see that...Um...it looks like the satellites that cannot contain the defense mechanisms rotate in an orbit that is much closer to Earth, but the satellites that do the communication and video technology I described are much further out. And the image that I am getting is that there are many layers of satellites. They are not all at the same distance.

Q-Are there any devices not satellite related that can read minds?
A-I do see a device that is on the ground, it is not a satellite at all, and it looks like something that we would hook up to prisoner, or someone we would capture. And this person is standing upright, their feet have cuffs around them and so do their wrists, waist, and neck. There is various electrodes hooked around their head, almost like a super sophisticated lie detector test, but the difference is that when you ask a question, a person can give a verbal response but more importantly the computer deciphers, based on the brain activity, what it is they are really trying to say or think. That is probably the closest I see to a mind reading device.

Q-Who, or which government possess this device?
A-I am getting a white coat with a swastika on it, so I feel like the Germans pioneered it, but I feel we have that technology here also. But it is very classified, like I see them using it kinda like in a a dark secluded dungeon feeling spot, because even though it might be someone we captured, it is such an invasion on a person that it like unlawful because of their human rights.

Q-Does the government have any devices, radio wave type that can affect human behavior?
A-As a big population no, but I see them confining a person in a room that is all white, and they subject them to different sounds in conjunction with vibrations that look like and earthquake. So they can manipulate the mind through that series of training.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 15534724
02/14/2013 11:09 PM
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Re: I read that there are government satellites that can read minds and affect them. Is there truth to this? Psychic explains
[link to psychicfocus.blogspot.com.au]

More fascinating stuff:

Q-What is the intended functions of The Great Pyramid at Giza?

A-I actually see the pyramids vibrating, and they are making a rumbling noise kind of like a thunder, and it looks like the very tips of the pyramids get this like a white hot look, and then I see beams of light shooting out of the top, and it looks like the top of the pyramid has a circular crystal at the top, but it looks like that crystal can be shifted around to control the direction in which the light shoots out..

Q-What is the intended function, not the description.

A-And I see the pyramid as having two different functions: one it created like a form of communication, it communicated with beings in outer space, but it also served like a beacon when people were traveling and I am getting an image of like the batman sign up in the sky. Like the light could directionally show people where to go. But then the second thing that I see is a clunky generator. Like it was a storehouse for energy and way to harness electricity. But I am also getting the visual too that it only made that rumbling noise when it was used to shoot light out of they top, it was fairly quite when it was being used as a form of electricity or to store electricity.