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United States
02/15/2013 03:21 PM
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Since 2008, I've been having recurring vivid dreams in regard to the end of the world with one central concept in all of them, although each have their own circumstances. I will try to recall all that I can from as many as I can remember up to my most recent one which I had last night.

Constants in all of them include:

2 suns appearing in the sky prior to the events which ultimately end the world
(There are some interesting passages in the Bible that suggest there ARE GOING TO BE TWO SUNS. One of the suns is going to bring destruction and devastation. The other is going to bring healing in His wings. One is going to burn up much of the earth, and those on it. The other is coming to heal, help, and straighten out the whole mess that the first one has brought.)

Me warning people of the meaning of the 2 suns, being ignored

Being the only person to take notice of the 2 suns

Me being stuck with my parents, separated from my Husband and Daughter

Frantically searching for my family to no avail

Destruction and devastation

DREAM RECAP (2008-2013)

#1 Tornados and flooding
Stranded without my Husband but with my Parents and brothers with other survivors packed into a dark building. Military personal lead us there and was keeping us there.

#2 Earthquake
Searching through rubble for Husband, to no avail, no other survivors

#3 2 Suns in the sky, retreating with my parents to their basement, this time I had my infant daughter but still not my husband but spoke with him on the phone. Woke up before anything bad happened.

#4 Tsunami
Standing on the edge of the ocean without my family but with others waiting for the impending wall of water, accepting death. Dream then changed it's location, I was standing in front of my home and immediately dropped to my knees and begged the Lord's forgiveness and redemption, I pleaded my acceptance of Christ and that I was ready to be saved. Then a divine force broke down the doors of my house and entered. I followed and found my family for the first time in all of my dreams.
This dream answered so many questions for me, and allowed me to move in my faith.

#5 Fire, Explosions in the sky
2 suns in the sky, with my parents again, no Husband or Daughter, but I was able to call my Husband to tell him about suns but the call was dropped before I could say goodbye. I was desperately trying to explain the meaning of 2 suns to my Mom and she was just rolling her eyes and brushing me off as she does in regard to my Christian faith (my parents are both firm atheists). Then the sky literally exploded, everything around us was burning, the world looked like hell. People reacted as if it were fireworks meant for their entertainment and cheered like idiots... I tried calling my husband again but couldn't get hold of him.


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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30474188
United States
02/15/2013 10:57 PM
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yes but not two suns.

User ID: 28804628
United States
02/15/2013 11:13 PM

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I have quite a few -- one with two 'moons' (or what looked like moons.)

If you're interested, you can read them (I post them all) in my thread here:

Thread: Lucid Dream: Lake 'Tekwanago'

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/15/2013 11:16 PM
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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34507970
United States
02/15/2013 11:20 PM
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During several meditations I have found myself as if im outside my body trying to wake myself up from what appears to be a nap on my couch. I am screaming it's a tsunami wake up - even to the extent i spoke outloud "wake-up dumbass you got to get out of here."
The "me" trying to wake the sleeping me is pointing to the usgs quake map and it showing the ring of fire lit up from canada down to mexico with 3 significant quakes 7 mag or higher and many as i now know to be roughly 4-5 mag. I woke up paniced and frightened. I ran straight to tv for news then to the computer to see a quake had indeed happened. It had not but it seemed so real I cant shake the vision.

I had never gone to usgs before that meditation, i didnt know that ocean fault that "erupted" existed before that either. Shortly after I found this site.I do go to usgs regularly now and have become very good at decerning real threats and potentials. That large quake off alaska last month had me sucking my thumb in terror.

This began in 08 along with what seemed a bunch of other strange experiences of me viewing things from an outside perspective. including rocks falling from the sky but it was an expected event that turned bad. it was like a forth of july picnic scenerio where everyone is on a blanket outside looking skyward then boom.

Since the "visions" began I try not to fall asleep on my couch or sit on a blanket outside in the dark with large groups =P and i have developed total faith in the gpl effect so ive posted the visions so they wont happen... doom over


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