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Message Subject JFK- very much still alive as of January 2013
Poster Handle Phennommennonn
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I'm sure people are laughing about this but it is in fact true. The largest government cover-up of all times. The government had to cover up the fact that it was utilizing the CIA/mob in black ops. No one expected the president to survive the head shot. My father (now deceased) was a Navy Doc at Bethesda when Kennedy arrived there from Dallas. Dad said he had weak thready pulse but was most definitely still alive. They had put him on one of those early model heart/lung machine at Parkland hospital in Dallas after 45 minutes of CPR restored his pulse. Dad said no one expected the president to live through the night.
He was originally kept in a secure area under the Whitehouse near the underground railway system that links to other federal buildings.. Dad said he believed he was there around 14 years. The government was afraid that JFK’s identify would be revealed if he were kept anywhere else. Apparently his face was still recognizable at the time.
Then in 1977 the president was moved to a Veterans hospital in Northern Va. It’s incredible that he’s still alive at 96 on artificial life support. I did hear they almost lost him twice to pneumonia in 2010 and 2011.
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