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Oates Disputes Reverse Speech 'April Nuclear Attack'

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United States
03/29/2006 11:23 PM
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Oates Disputes Reverse Speech 'April Nuclear Attack'
Found this info at another forum.

Regarding alleged findings by Reverse Speech of a 'nuclear attack' in Texas in April...

There is a controversy currently raging about an alleged nuclear attack on US soil supposedly due to occur in April 2006 around Easter. This controversy has been started in part by the website [link to www.ken-welch.com.] In this site Ken Welch uses alleged examples of Reverse Speech taken from key figures in the US administration as proof of his claims.

I have examined Ken Welch's site and his alleged speech reversals and have found nearly all of them to be invalid. The alleged reversals do not meet even the basic requirements for a speech reversal to be valid and as such they do not exist. Ken Welch has had no training in Reverse Speech and this is evidenced by the gibberish he has posted and the inappropriate format with which they are presented..

Based on the alleged evidence posted on this site I can state quite categorically that there will be no nuclear attack on US soil in April 2006 and speech reversals do not support this scenario. They do not show complicity and knowledge of this so-called attack by key governmental people as Ken Welch's site claims.

The study of Reverse Speech is a complicated science and unless appropriate guidelines are followed, and professional training undertaken, it is possible to imagine anything into the gibberish. I am concerned by this and others claims being made by people who have taken no formal training in the field.

David J Oates
Founder and Developer of Reverse Speech technologies
[link to www.reversespeech.com.]