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my thoughts on the Dorner situation

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02/15/2013 07:58 PM
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my thoughts on the Dorner situation
I don't watch tv so if any of this is off base please let me know

1- just a word scramble for DRONE.. I guess opinion polls did not agree enough to let them go that route.... so waco again... Those Dems sure love premptive fire situations

2- I don't watch tv but I did hear he tried to escape in California by stealing a boat... I guess black people really think there are that many lakes in California... he must have watched too much basketball (I'm black so I know that some people actually believe ignorance like that... I'm just saying what a BIGOT would think... I'm not a bigot. I'm honest)

3- teaching people that tell the truth are to be hunted because they are "renegade" ... I mean what's going to happen? gonna be used against them in a court of law? BWAHAHAAHA

I guess Dorner had a trial by fire

funny? no?

4- so did they burn him or did he get away?I heard they wre just shooting at people just because. Boy, good thing they bought all that ammo the past year and a half. I'd hate for them to run out of bullets before they find him if indeed he still is alive

5- or did he burn? I don't watch tv so I kind am in the dark on this. I wasn't watching the tv and their images of the burning house. get it? talking heads talking about burning down houses

6- sounds like a mix between Farengnheit 451, Sweet Sweetback and the Running man... I guess they're just running out of ways to keep us watching.

so not even touching on the id's being in two separate locations did I miss anything? (wise guys don't carry id and if so will make sure that the evidence is burnable)

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