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Message Subject The Moon: Seriously, no Revisitations in 4+ decades?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
But why go back? To accomplish what? We can send robots to do so much, for long periods of time and for less than a human.
 Quoting: Oubliette

OK, this is what I hear a lot and it bugs me. I'm not saying the moon landing was a hoax. I'm saying I can't see justification for not continuing further exploration.

"Why go back?" is the common chant.

In 1492, Columbus sailed the Ocean blue. When he returned to Spain, did he say, "OK, we've been there, no need to ever go back"?

Moreover, what robots? Lunar probes I take it? Why fly toy plane when you can fly in a real one?

Robots are part of the process, but they don't justify never making a manned return trip.
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