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Message Subject The Moon: Seriously, no Revisitations in 4+ decades?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why would they go back? What is there to gain? They went so they could say they had done it, done it, saw there was nothing on the moon, did it a few more times to proof they really did it and than got home. There is nothing on the moon, why would they invest billions just to go back there? Been there done that, now it is time for other things, like sending rovers to Mars.
 Quoting: John Kimble

This sounds too apologetic to me. Nothing more to see here, let's never do it again.

Mankind has always strived to repeat and build upon its experiences. Perhaps if there had been a series of setbacks and failures, there would be a declaration that continuing exploration of the moon isn't feasible. But that didn't happen, we just stopped going. Period.

Until last year I thought that we kept sending people to the moon fairly frequently and was very surprised that no one has been back. I guess they have finished with it or something.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29363900

The idea is that once something is done, it is usually repeated. Especially when it's something new and truly a 'big step for mankind.' When has mankind ever abandoned something immediately after a breakthrough? So you're assumption is understandable. What doesn't make sense is the reality: that we haven't been back since the early 70s.
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