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Message Subject The Moon: Seriously, no Revisitations in 4+ decades?
Poster Handle UsfighterNH
Post Content
I honestly think we may have found out some shit we didn't really want to know - or at least that the government didn't want the public to know. I think we've been back, but much more covertly.

I can't begin to imagine what the truth might be, but it makes exactly no sense for a species that likes to settle and control every patch of viable land it touches to visit someplace like the moon and never return.

I can't imagine that we are staying away (or keeping our visits secret) without a very good reason...
 Quoting: Em18966


Couldn't agree with you more. We went to check out the structures found from the Lunar Recon Orbiter Missions and what we found would probably freak out the population.

I seriously think the moon was a staging area to terraform the planet. Crazy I know but that's my belief. So basically there are artificial structures millions of years old.
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